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Watch ullu web series 2022: Friends, today we are going to talk about an app/website that has been of great use to you. We are talking about ulluApp. Ullu App/Website is an Indian Hot Hindi Web Series Creator OTT Platform. Ullu web series has made people very happy.

Use Ullu App to watch web series, TV serials, short films. Some people also know it as Ullu web series. If you have ever searched web series on Google / YouTube, then you must have seen the page or video of Ullu web series.

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But you have to pay to watch web series on best app for free movies. You have to buy a paid plan only then you can watch web series on Ullu App.

The ulluapp has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and works on a subscription-based model. Meaning you have to pay Ullu App to watch Ullu Way Series. Ullu App follows a partnership model. Producers engage with the platform on revenue sharing model.

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ullu app to watch free tv shows and this best app for free movies you get here everyday best free movie watching websites do you like ullu app.

Top ullu web series

1. saree ki dukan | charm sukh episode

1.Charmsukh Saree Ki Dukaan Top Ullu Web Series Details
Title Name Saree Ki Dukaan
TypeWeb Series
Genre18+, Romance, Drama
Online PlatformULLU
Release Date29 April 2022
Directed ByN/A

Charmasukh Saree Shop Ullu Web Series is a popular Indian Hindi language Ullu Web Series, Charmasuk Saree Shop Ullu Web Series is released on 29th April 2022 on Ullu App or Ullu Website Official Web Series and you will be able to watch it online.

2. Zaroorat | best ullu web series

Palang Tod Ullu is an Indian web series. Hindi language web series is released. And the date of Zaroorat is 19th April 2022. It can be viewed and available online on the official website and Ullu App. It is known as the need web series.

The story revolves around a female servant. Takes care of a sick and bedridden child. Can he come back to life and move with a wheelchair?

Title Name Palang Tod
TypeWeb Series
Genre18+, Romance, Drama
Online PlatformULLU
Release Date19th April 2022
Directed ByN/A

Top ullu web series latest trailers

1. Saree Ki Dukaan | charm sukh best of ullu

2. Zaroorat | best series on ullu

charm sukh story || ullu web series

Friends, today you are going to talk about Ullu top web series charm sukh episode. charm sukh is the one who tells the story of step-love.


As the story begins, you will get to see a mother Seema ji and her daughter Ritu. It had been many years since Ritu’s father died. This lonely panda from his mother cannot be tolerated. And he had found a life partner for himself. His name was Joseph. And these two get married. But Ritu is not happy with the marriage, but seeing Joseph’s love for his mother, Ritu’s mind also melts.

Joseph gives Ritu a room to stay. It belonged to his son. Ritu decorates the room of her mother and father. Makes it like a honeymoon And it says you can enjoy all night long. Both nights have a lot of fun.

Anthony comes home the next day. Antani was the son of Joseph. But Anthony looks at his stepmother the wrong way. Going further in the web series, we would see that Joseph had to go out for 10 days for some work but Sima ji was shouting at him. how can you do that Ritu and Anthony come with the sound of screaming. Josab tells about going, why are you going. And Ritu leaves her stepfather outside.

But Sima ji was crying. And Anthony was silencing his stepmother. Instead of keeping quiet, Anthony was doing something else. What happens between Sima ji and Anthony? Anthony Sima ji’s clothes come out, both of them start having fun. But the season sees these no.

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This is where the story ends. Download Ullu App to watch charm sukh full web series or charm sukh online. charm sukh new episode and cast of charmsukh must know comment. charm sukh 2 can only be seen on ulluapp.

actress ullu web series cast name

1. riti riwaj (water wives)

Riti Riwaj Ullu is one of the most popular web series on the app. This incident is a mixture of fictional and true incident. ulluis constantly telling the story of the customs. The article details the actress ullu web series cast.

1. riti riwaj pinjara cast
  • Mishti Basu as Radhika
  • Mahi Kamala as Natasha
  • Kishan Bhan as Samar’s father
  • Sooraj Soni as Samar Soni
  • Nandlal Singh as Dadda
2. Riti Riwaj Taala Chaabi Cast (Ullu App/Website)
  1. Anushka Srivastava as Sweety
  2. Gunjan Bhati as Pummy
  3. Simran Sharma as Kamini
  4. Joshua Chhabra as Sherry
  5. Genre: 18+, Crime
3. Riti Riwaj Wife Cast ULLU WEB SERIES
  • Hansi Parmar as Kusum
  • Payal Gupta as Rani
  • Sangam Rai as Sharey
  • Sagar Kudyar as Varun
  • Genre: Drama, 18+, Romance
4. Riti Riwaj Haldi Cast
  • Paras Babbar as Siddharth
  • Swati Agarwal as Smita
  • Monika Chouhan as Anushka
  • Genre: 18+, Drama
5. Riti Riwaj Love Festival Cast
  • Supriya Shukla as Hema
  • Manvi Chugh as Jaya
  • Khusi Muhkerjee as Kalki
  • Lalit Chaudhary as Jacky
  • Yash Pandit as John
  • Genre: 18+, Suspense, Adventure

khatak | ullu web series

Khatak is India’s very popular Ullu web series which is available on Ullu App. Ullu web series is full of drama, romance. Web series are available on ullu app. This web series was launched on 10 August 2021 on Ullu’s app. Read on to know Actress Ullu Web Series Cast 2021.

Complete Details

Title Name Khatak (ullu web series)
TypeWeb Series
Genre18+, Romance, Drama
Episode Runtime25 Minutes
Online PlatformULLU
Release Date10 August 2021
Number of episodes4
Directed ByRahul Dahiya


Q. who is the owner of ULLU web series?

Vibhu Agarwal is the owner of ULLU web series.

Q. What is Ullu subscription?

Ullu App Subscribe 252 More Watch Ullu Web Series, Original Shows & Movies

Q. Is ULLU good app?

3.0 out of 5 stars The only app/website is free. You pay to use this app. Don’t download until you’re ready for every episode. Can’t watch on TV There is no provision for pairing with Smart TV.

Thanks to those who gave their valuable time to read this article, in this article you will get to know about your ULLU web series. Comment if you have any complaint Thank you.

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