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Sai Pallavi: Sai Pallavi on Kashmiri Pandits said that ‘people are thinking wrong’.

Mumbai: South’s superstar and India’s favorite actress Sai Pallavi has been seen in the dispute of Kashmiri Pandits for the last few days.

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There will be hardly anyone who does not know about Sai Pallavi. Many would know that Sai Pallavi is seen promoting her upcoming film ‘Virat Parvam’. The problem started when Sai Pallavi talked about Kashmiri Pandits during the promotion of ‘Virat Parv’. But the same thing does not end here, a complaint has been made against Sai Pallavi in ​​the police. Sai Pallavi has openly given her statement on this.

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A few days ago Sai Pallavi shared the video on Instagram and Sai Pallavi said in the video that your statement was published incorrectly. We answered this question in very simple language. However, that answer was taken in a different direction. In this video she says that she is very sad about all this,

What is Sai Pallavi’s interpretation on social media?

Sai Pallavi has clarified by sharing the video on Instagram. Sai Pallavi In this video Sai Pallavi says that this is the first time I am communicating with you all. I always say what is on my mind. I know I’m late for my side, but I’m sorry. My opinion was misrepresented. All I want to say is that any argument in the name of religion is wrong. I am a neutral person. I was surprised that what I said was taken and presented in the wrong way. Many things were taken wrong in the interview.