Panchayat Web Series Season 2

How to Watch Panchayat Web Series Season 2 Episodes, Cast, Release Date

The much awaited web series of Panchayat Season 2 will be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video soon. Meanwhile in this wave series, Panchayat Web Series Season 2 has everything you need to know about the upcoming season and when will it be available for purchase. The famous Bollywood Indian comedy-drama web series received good reviews from critics, who praised the performances of the lead actors and the screenplay, director and other important technical elements of the production.

Amazon Prime’s Panchayat web series Season 2 and TVF’s online series both were huge hits. The show, which premiered on April 3, 2020, garnered good reviews from critics and audiences alike. The show has an impressive 8.9 IMDb rating (over 49k votes). Panchayat web series Season 2 will be available on Amazon Prime in the coming days. Panchayat Season 2 release date will be announced soon. All the Panchayat viewers are eagerly waiting for the release date of Panchayat Season 2. read to know more

Panchayat Web Series Season 2 Cast

Panchayat web series Season 2 is a comedy-drama which depicts the journey of Abhishek, an engineering graduate, who becomes the secretary of a village panchayat office in a remote village in Uttar Pradesh, India due to lack of job options in a better village. goes. , , The hero of the series joins the panchayat. Let’s see the cast of Panchayat web series season 2.

Series Directed byDeepak Kumar
Series Writing CreditsChandan Kumar
Series Produced byMehboob Pal Singh Brar
Prajesh Mishra
Zaid Ali
Zohaib Ali
Abhishake Jha
Arun Kumar
Shreyansh Pandey
Abhijeet Singh Parmar
Sameer Saxena
Manish Singh Baghel
Series Music byAnurag Saikia
Series Cinematography byAmitabha Singh
Series Film Editing byAmit Kulkarni
Series Casting ByAnmol Ahuja
Abhishek Banerjee
Bhupendra Rajput
Series Production Design byTarpan Shrivastava
Series Art Direction byAkbar Khan
Series Costume Design byPriyadarshini Mujumdar
Series Production ManagementNiharika Rathod
Gaurav Rungta
Priteesh Chhangani
Kashyap Dodeja
Mihika Munjal
Sanket Rathod
Suhaans Kumar Rout
Ritesh Shrivas
Prakash Chandra Yadav
Akanksha Prabhune
Series Casting DepartmentDeepak Agarwal
Navneet Ranga

Panchayat Web Series Season 2 Series Directed

The ‘Panchayat’ web series is a simple life story that depicts the ground realities of rural India. With less than a week left for ‘Panchayat’ season 2 to release, director Deepak Kumar Mishra Mishra reveals why he named it ‘Panchayat’.

online series Panchayat Web Series Season 2 on OTT

Panchayat Web Series Season 2 Release Date

In the second season of the online series Panchayat Web Series Season 2 on OTT, you will get to see the confirmed show star Jitendra Kumar, in the Panchayat web series you will be seen in the role of Jitendra Kumar Abhishek Tripathi. However, Panchayat web series web series is still in the initial stage of development, so an exact release date has not been disclosed yet. According to the update of Panchayat Web Series News, many sources have claimed that Panchayat Web Series Season 2 will be aired on Amazon Prime Video most of the time in the year 2022. Which viewers will get to see online.

But there are still many such fans who are waiting for the release of Panchayat web series Season 2. Jitendra Kumar, lead actor of Panchayat web series told that the team is preparing for the second season of Panchayat web series. As soon as the first season of Panchayat ended, the corona lockdown started in India and everything came to a standstill in India. But you will be happy to know that the work of writing the story of the second season of Panchayat series is already going on, which is likely to be available soon for the people of Panchayat web series. The official planning of the series will start after the lockdown is released from Corona in India. Jitendra Kumar has confirmed this.

Barring some of the original cast of Panchayat web series Season 2, the plot may focus on Abhishek. Panchayat Web Series Season 2 is one of the best online web series that can be monitored. It’s simultaneously straightforward, rustic, realistic and inspiring. While there are a lot of exciting and juicy web series to choose from, this web series is available to watch along with your friends on Amazon Prime Video Panchayat Web Series Season 2.

Panchayat Web Series Season 2 Episode List

Hum Panchayat Series Season 1 We get to watch total of 8 episodes. All episodes of Panchayat web series directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra and let us tell you that the writer of this web series is Chandan Kumar, Panchayat web series season 1 2020 has been opened to watch on Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Video and web series.

  • Episode 1 – Gram Panchayat Phulera.
  • Episode 2 – Bhoot Paid.
  • Episode 3 – The Whirling Chair.
  • Episode 4 – How is our leader?
  • Episode 5 – Computer No Monitor.
  • Episode 6 – Lots of respect.
  • Episode 7 – The Girl Is Fast Butt.
  • Episode 8 – Jab Jaago Tabi Savera

Panchayat Web Series Season 2 Explained

Friends, today you are going to explain Panchayat web series season 2 and if you have not seen the first episode till now then also watch it. Let’s start the article.

We see that at the beginning of the second episode. Bhusad and his wife who were coming towards Bhulera village. And he was living in Bhulera. Ahead sees that the road is very bad. In such a situation, it was becoming difficult to come to his village. So he doesn’t go home and goes straight to Panchayat office. Abhishek sir was in the panchayat. So he calls Abhishek sir. He had promised at the time of elections that he would get the road built but this road has not been built yet.

Panchayat Web Series Season 2

Bhusad threatened him that he would set himself on fire here if he did not start the road work by the first date. Abhishek tells her that he has nothing in his hand. Abhishek advises you to talk to Pradhan ji.

So on this Bhusad says that my conversation with him has stopped. Abhishek sir tells them that I will talk to Pradhan ji. Abhishek sir used to ask Vikas standing near him whether Pradhan ji had really promised to build a road. On this, Vikas says yes promised.

Later Abhishek went to Pradhan ji’s house. And the chief asks if the road in the village is very bad. Pradhan ji says that he has no money yet. Looking ahead in the web series, on the occasion of Rinki’s birthday, Rinki’s mother calls Abhishek sir on his birthday. But Abhishek sir refused. When Pradhan ji comes to know about this news, Pradhan ji gets very upset. So because of this Pradhan ji goes to office to meet Abhishek sir and asks what happened. Pradhan ji takes Abhishek sir for dinner.

Abhishek sir takes cake for Rinki. And Rinki is very fond of cake, we will see as we go ahead with Abhishek. From there the husk comes and Abhishek starts taunting her on the head. He says that there is a limit to licking the soles. Abhishek sir also listens to Bhusaad a lot. There the chief comes. The husk runs away after giving it to the chief. Pradhan ji asks Abhishek sir if Bhusad was for anything. Abhishek sir has said that he was saying.

If Abhishek sir had already explained Bhusad like this, he would have troubled Abhishek sir. This is where Panchayat web series season 2 ends.

You will get to see something similar in Panchayat web series season 2, you must definitely comment on this web series.

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You can watch TVF and Amazon Prime’s collaboration web series “Panchayat” on Amazon Prime Video from April 3.