Nora Fatehi showed such a mole by dropping the pallu of the sari, you will be ashamed to see

Nora Fatehi showed such a mole by dropping the pallu of the sari – It cannot be denied that Nora Fatehi’s actions are deadly. When Nora waving the julfa, the day becomes cloudy and the audience’s heart becomes uncontrollable, but this time Nora has injured the hearts by dropping the pallu, not by waving the julfa. Fans are unable to handle the latest pictures shared by Nora Fatehi on her Instagram.

Nora waved the pallu of the saree

Nora Fatehi shared a picture of herself wearing a pink saree. Nora’s beauty shines in every corner of this very beautiful saree. Nora Fatehi is looking even more stunning in this saree. All eyes are fixed on the mole on which Nora is taking off the pallu instead of the sari. It has become very difficult for lovers to overcome the heartbreak caused by this mole.

Interestingly, Nora Fatehi wore this saree two days back during the shoot of Dance Deewane Junior and she was trolled for wearing it. When I was in Mumbai it was raining very heavily. Nora’s saree was seen handling the guard, due to which Nora got trolled on social media. Saree used to come beautifully in the past too.

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The actress has flaunted sarees even before this.

No sari is wreaking havoc on Nora’s first time. In such a situation, Nora Fatehi often adds beauty to her beauty. She has been seen wearing a sari on the sets of Dance Deewane Junior in the past and has spread her beauty every time.

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