Kavita Bhabhi Web Series Season 3 has crossed all limits, what is the story?

Kavita Bhabhi Web Series Season 3 Produced by Production House Ullu. Today in this article I am going to tell you the story of Kavita Bhabhi Web Series Season 3 Part 4 Ullu Web Series. Let’s know about the story of Kavita Bhabhi Series

Kavita Bhabhi Web Series Season 3 Part 4 is a complete horror series. In Kavita Bhabhi Web Series you see that as usual Kavita Bhabhi’s phone comes on her phone. He narrates his problem poem to sister-in-law. Kavita Bhabhi starts telling her story to it. Sister-in-law says that once there was a lot of shadow on me too.

Kavita Bhabhi Web Series Season 3 Part 4 Ullu Web Series

Kavita Bhabhi further tells in the story that once my brother-in-law had come to a resort away from Bibi city. Rumukka looked after that resort. We see further in the story that Ramukka says in conversation that there is an impression of Magala being here at night. Kavita Bhabhi everyone understands that nothing like this happens.

Next we see that after everyone sleeps, Kavita comes to drink water. The same king also comes and Kavita sister-in-law teases him and near Udar Raj the ghost of Magala enters inside the kingdom. Raj goes to Ragni and shouts at her a lot. Ragni is enough to see Raj enter.

Next day Ragni and Kavita go to sister-in-law Raj’s room. As Ragni approaches Raj. He again starts shouting at Ragini. He says I have not got Raj, everyone is shocked to see this. Bhabi then narrates the story of Magala to Ragni. After narrating the story of Magala the door opens and Raj comes, he tells sister-in-law to Kavita that you look exactly like Shila and she says if you want to spend one night with me then I will leave Raj. Kavita sees the soul of sister-in-law Magala in Raj, she gets very scared.

Kavita agrees to spend the night with him. She sends Rumukka to the city from work and she goes to Raj’s room, the next morning everyone goes to the city but this is all Kavita Bhabhi’s trick. He wants to enjoy happiness from the state. This is where Kavita Bhabhi Web Series Season 3 Part 4 ends.

Friends, I want to give you one more information that this web series is going to be released on 22 March 2022 on the official platform of Ullu. And to watch this web series, you have to buy any plan of ULLU.

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