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‘Confusion in the name of the hero?’ – Ponni’s Selvan film team is being criticized

Confusion in the name of the hero?' - Ponni's Selvan film team is being criticized

Confusion in the name of the hero – While the teaser of Ponni Ki Selvan is out today, there has also been criticism that the name of the film’s hero Arul Lisa Varman has been wrongly recorded in the poster.

Ponin Selvan, a historical novel written by Kalki, has been made into a film directed by Mani Ratnam. Earlier, MGR, Kamal Haasan and others have tried and failed to make this novel into a film.

Mani Ratnam attempted it in the 1990s and later abandoned it. In such a situation, the shooting of Pony’s Selvan started two years ago and today the teaser of the film is out.

According to Ponni’s Selvan historical novel, Arulmozhi Varman popularly known as ‘Raja Rajcholan’ will be the protagonist.

But in the announcement poster of Pony’s Selvan teaser released this afternoon, Arulmozhi Varman was mentioned as Arun Leesha Varman.

After seeing this, Pony’s Selvan Novel fans are criticizing it. While the film has been made extensively, the film crew has been criticized for releasing the posters carelessly.

Earlier, the poster of Vikram starring Aditha Karikalan was released with Vethi Tilak on the forehead. Some netizens courted controversy by saying that it is a name.

Similarly, Trisha’s outfit also came under controversy. Earlier, when Trisha’s poster came out, there was criticism whether it is a Tamil Nadu tradition.

In such a situation, the teaser of Ponni Ki Selvan will be released in five languages ​​at 6 pm today. Let us tell you that the film will hit the screens on September 10.

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