Avatar 2 Full Movie Review 2023, Budget In Rupees, Rotten Tomatoes

Avatar 2 Full Movie Review 2023, Budget In Rupees, Rotten Tomatoes

Avatar 2 Full Movie Review 2023: This movie is going to be the most liked movie of 2022 and 2023. Avatar 2 Full Movie Review Karne Wala Hu, the story of this movie is of ‘Jake’, who is a resident of Pandora Planet. He is very happy with his family including his wife and children. He says that apart from my children, I have also adopted two children, one of whom is the daughter of my old partner, who was murdered after giving birth and the other child, who is of humans. Because some years ago humans came to live on this planet where I am living now

But when they went back to earth this boy left here, since then it is with me. All these kids play a lot with each other and take good care of each other. ”Jake” teaches all his kids everything, like shooting arrows, fishing and more. Young and old, everyone is happy, but one night ‘Jake’ and his wife see a bright white star in the sky. So as he gets closer,

He learns that it is a spaceship for humans to once again live in their beautiful world. A fire from a human spacecraft starts a forest fire, killing many animals and causing much damage. Out of this come humans, who were sitting inside huge robots and they also had huge cars, which are crushing everything that comes in the way. While ‘Jake’ and his wife have nothing left but to cry at the devastation. You never know when a person becomes a person. Anyway the lab is now shown where a man in blue who looks exactly like ‘Jake’ and his family go out of control and start killing people around them.

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While subduing him said that you are our colonel, and you are a human being. After your death, we have given you such a body with the help of modern technology, because of which you will be able to live on this planet. You will look like the people of this planet, so you don’t have to worry. Similarly, many people are given such a body, which we can see in the people standing around the colonel. On the other hand, ‘Jake’ and his companions stop the humans by destroying their train, in which their weapons and food were going.

These people themselves were aboard the flying creatures and after destroying the helicopters of the humans loot their belongings. When the Colonel learns of this impending loss, he plans to kill “Jake”, as “Jake” is the leader of the ship’s men. Originally ‘Jake’ and people who looked like him were called Shipwreck People. They are all jungle dwellers and they attack the train, but the colonel’s senior officer tells them that whenever we send our ships into ‘Jake’s’ jungle, their flying creatures will always destroy them. Lets do it. you are our hope

you can do anything. So the colonel goes with some of his men to the woods where ‘Jake’s’ children were playing. They see the humans coming towards them and tell their father, but at the same time the humans catch them. In a short while, ‘Jake’s’ wife arrives and shoots an arrow through a human’s head. A fight starts between the two. Jake’s wife rescues his other children, but the colonel takes his son with him, a human-sized child he also adopted.

Avatar 2 Full Movie Review 2023, Budget In Rupees, Rotten Tomatoes

“Jake’s” wife was worried about their child that “Jake” says we have to leave the woods. I am the leader here, and the colonel follows me, because I killed the colonel when the first humans came here. Now, because he has come back alive in blue body or avatar, he wants to kill me. If you, me and our entire family leave here, we will be able to save the lives of the rest of our tribe.

Sometimes the leader of the water people comes and says that you are a resident of the forest. You don’t need to live near water. You Don’t Know How To Survive In Water But ‘Jake’ Responds

Avatar 2 Full Movie Budget In Rupees

Everyone wants to know the budget of Avatar 2. Today we will give you the correct information, then know that the total budget for making Avatar 2 was 2000 crores and they have recovered this expenditure.

Friends Hollywood film Avatar was the first film which broke the record of legendary film like Titanic and earned more than 21 thousand crores. 13 years in a whole new way where the world of Pandora will now be shown underwater in 4D technology for the first time and its VFX looks better than ever in the trailer Avatar 2 “The Way of Water” is going to release on December 16 Sal and its director James Cameron say that in the first ‘Avatar’ we broke the boundaries of the big screen and now in its sequel we will again take the technology to the next level. However, it is also being said that this film made in the budget of 2000 crores can earn up to 50000 crores.

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But guys, do you also think that “Avatar 2” will become the highest grossing movie of all time?

Avatar 2 Reviews Rotten Tomatoes

Well friends, it’s time for Avatar to talk about Rotten Tomatoes i.e. Avatar 2. this doesn’t mean much because it’s just rotten tomatoes and others opinion but yeah lets talk about its score normally with rotten tomatoes videos i will make videos about an hour after the review hits But its plus i wanted to wait and i specifically wanted to wait because like the first 10 to 15 reviews i saw were all overwhelmingly positive.

I thought if I wait a while we’ll know better where this is going if we see 30 reviews and they’re all 100 positive then okay but it didn’t, we started looking at some of the reviews You, with some mixed reactions, I’m not saying it’s bombarded with those critics,

But again 10 out of 10 not as a variation on masterpiece cinema and it’s all sort of early reviews so initially when I checked it right it was like 98 and I felt like I’m gonna wait It’s not. I’ll stick with the 98. I never believed it and I’m glad I did because right now I just refreshed it before making this video and it’s sitting at 85 with over a hundred and twenty reviews.

It all depends on how they process in the back end and when the review is officially published but the approval process usually excludes some of the uh you overall sometimes none Know though what 85 means if it means anything to you. I’m glad because again I talk about Rotten Tomatoes I talk about reviews I talk about so many times we talk about anything numbers or letters here on the channel why not because I think this is stupid.

hate review score and all that i think it is someone’s opinion n and if you can understand what they are saying then you should prepare what do you think they think about it whether they like it do whether they’re positive or negative and what I’m here it’s not surprising to see honestly with 85 you know you see some people saying yeah the visuals are great the motion capture is great it There is the next level which is all great but again some people are saying it is the story that really holds it back which seems to be a repeat of the first movie which was honestly one of my biggest concerns but again I have never Didn’t expect this film to do what it did before,

When Will Avatar 2 Trailer Come Out

Avatar 2 is the best movie of 2023. Avatar 2 trailer release date in India to be on 3rd November

Why Is Avatar 2 Taking So Long

Everyone was waiting for this film. The major reason behind the 13-year wait for Avatar sequels is their lengthy pre-production status, a result of Cameron’s commitment to the special effects that set Avatar apart from other films of its time.